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Internationally acclaimed sculptor Czong Ho Kim established Czong Institute for Contemporary Art (CICA) in Gimpo, Korea to foster a cultural space for artists to experiment and for the community to learn about contemporary art. Czong received his BFA and MFA from Hong-ik University and MFA from State University of New York. Czong exhibits internationally and has held university teaching positions in US and Korea.

Beverly’s work Twilight shows at the museum.

Twilight 800x800Twilight by Beverly Ostrowiecki, 30 x 30 cm, watercolor and ink on paper

CICA offers spacious galleries to view, engage, and reflect on contemporary art.

In addition to CICA Museum galleries, CICA Press offers ways to create a global network among artists, designers, audiences, and communities so they can make, appreciate, and live art in their regions and cultures. Recent publications include Art Yellow Book, New Media Art, and A4 O2O Project.

uranus sketches IMG_3628-2 with text copy

Glacialpool art work now comes packaged in archival materials, suitable for immediate display. Layers of 1/4″ acid free corrugated cardboard, museum barrier paper, and art are wrapped in .005 clear mylar. The package created a glass-like frameless display that compliments the minimalist images. You can immediately display your purchase by leaning the art on your mantel or dresser or hanging with binder clips. Enjoy the art indefinitely in this package or put in a frame.

Check out these holiday cards. Each has a haiku greeting to bring smiles to senders and receivers. Envelope included. Printed in USA on 4″ x  6″ heavy cover card stock.

$4.50 per card plus shipping and handling.

Use the contact form for purchase or quantity discounts.

Cards have a contemporary graphic on front that opens to a zoomed image inside that creates an intimate experience. Beverly uses Thai mulberry paper and rice paste to create a delicate yet strong hinge which connects the card front and back.

Three design options: Tinsel and Points, Ruby Seeds, and Dragonflies

Tinsel and Points

IMG_0013 point card front copy

Silver tinsel shines

poinsettias bloom

warm heartfelt smiles


Merry christmas

Happy new year


Ruby Seeds

IMG_0021 saphire inside detail copy

In open fields

ruby seeds in snow bloom–


Merry christmas

Happy new year



IMG_0009 dragon inside closeup

Distant dragonflies

buzz wonderful memories

circles of love

Merry christmas

Happy new year

2% of card profits donated to educational organizations.

Glacialpool offers art work and business services.

Photo of artwork showing light blue, aqua, yellow-green, and cream forms