A friend who practices Reiki asked me to make a set of Reiki flags for himself and his Reiki Master father. He shared with me images of the traditional and two modern Reiki symbols. These flags were respectfully made. I painted watercolor with an artist brush from Hiroshima Brush Manufacturing. The Japanese mulberry paper makes a strong yet supple flag. One meter of hemp cord holds it together! Indoor use recommended. Blank card included.


Flags are ready for hanging in your special space. Flags support focusing, learning the symbols, or designating your Reiki space. Masters can give a beautiful gift upon attunement.

reiki green flag frontEach flag 3″ by 3″, spread 3″ by 20″ Shown in green

reiki green power

I made a selection of flags for my friend and his father. They chose the green and bright multicolor flags (row 1 and 2 respectively). The remaining stone-like neutral (3rd row) and pastel (4th row) flags are available. A white flag with red orange symbols is also available and shown center in detail “OM” image.

reiki as grid

reiki folded 3 oms


Until my online store is ready, use the contact form to purchase or ask questions.

Haiku on card reads

Slightest wind bekons

Flutter and fly heart and mind

My friends Gokai and Gassho