Durable, artful, and functional these cases keep you organized, express your values, and put art into your hands.


Soft bifold case, 2.75″ by 4.25″ closed (5.75″ x 4.25″ open).  Several designs are available. $12-$25

Roos Case

roos front cover closed websmall

Roos Case, front closed, 2.75″ by 4.25″

roos front web small

Roos Case, front, opened, above. Roos case, inside opened 5.75″ by 4.25″,  below.

roos inside web small


Why I make card cases from used packaging?

  • Reuse materials that offer more value
  • Recognize messages in which I believe
  • Make an everyday object have beauty


How I make these cases?

I hand or machine stitch with silk-stainless steel thread made in Japan or cotton thread. These threads are durable and can withstand repeated use and rubbing. The case material is 100% cotton canvas that is coated to provides a suitable ground for painting. I use Sennelier watercolors made in France. Pigments in these French watercolors are finely ground and give exceptional color clarity and intensity. Reused packaging materials are evaluated for tear durability.

As the maker, I sign each case with my mark.


Ways to use these cases?

Example ways I’ve used and tested the card cases:

  • 10 credit cards
  • 10-15 loyalty cards
  • auto insurance papers
  • stacks paper dollars (they must be folded in half)
  • stacks of folded credit card receipts
  • analogue reminder notes
  • business cards

The case hold one of the bullets above or some comparable combination. Cases are suitable for carrying in bags and pockets of jacket or shirt. Not yet tested in tight pant pockets.


In addition to the iconic Roos Roast case featured above, here are additional designs.


Kicking Horse Case

kicki horse out in web small

Kicking Horse card case in gift packaging, left. Open case with loyalty and business card use, right.

Kicking Horse Coffee is from British Columbia, Canada in the Rocky Mountains. It sponsored the Banff Film festival that visits Ann Arbor annually and encourages living life daily with gusto and enthusiasm. I agree!


Zingerman’s Case

Zingerman’s demonstrates quality, friendliness, and enthusiasm. Oooo, to embrace these values in our hands thought its coffee, deli food, and card case!

zing front closed web small    Zing case, front, closed.

zing case front open web small

Zing case front, open

zing inside open web small

Zing case, inside, open.


Color Block Case

I get inspiration for color combinations from nature and traditional Japanese design. Here is a case yet to be stitched.

color block case outside web small

Version 2


Blank Canvas Case

Let your creativity run! Use markers or pen to make your own designs.

blank canvase outside case web small

blank canvas case inside web small