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Beverly Ostrowiecki  

Beverly responds to nature and imagination with line, form, and color and creates art that inspires and fuels life. Her focus on sparse forms and transparent colors follows from her interests in mindfulness, unfolding perspectives, and changes in light.

I paint and draw to express concepts of beauty, simplicity, and relationships. Influenced by Asian design, I strive to find a balance between simplicity and complexity. I work mostly in watercolor, colored pencils, and ink and relish transparent colors.

Beverly offers design services that help companies develop and launch new products and services. Services to quantify opportunities, plan and produce salable items, and launch communications are available.

My B.A. in Communications gives me the foundation to create effective launch plans. My University of Michigan M.B.A. adds skills for strategic thinking and analytical problem solving. I honed my skills at Microsoft, Cisco Systems, and NCR Corporation where I was a collaborative leader and team player who delivered results.

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