Hand painted silk, vintage Japanese kimono silk, indigo dyed cotton, and silk voile

14  x 25 in (35 x 63.5 cm)

A wish granting jewel is ancient symbol in many mythologies and philosophies. It fulfills all altruistic desires of its owner. A metaphor for something beautiful, precious and rare, wish granting jewels often appear as offerings or adornment and are associated with deities of wealth and prosperity.

The vintage Japanese kimono silk has light and dark shades in an all over, multidirectional print. This detail image features the sharp edges of the forms and the well balanced color combinations.

IMG_3472With a limited amount of vintage fabric, I hand painted on silk to complete the design. This detail image highlights the hand painting and construction basting threads.


The indigo dyed back fabric conceals the 1/16 stitching for assembly. This detail image of the backside during construction shows the concealed curving lines. Like an Apple product, it’s beautiful inside and out.


A silk label on the backside signs the piece. Beverly’s current seal, similar to an Asian seal, mimics her initials. Gold metallic thread closes the sides and attaches the label adding an exotic, luxury touch to the piece.


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